Winners/ Preisträgern/ Ganhadores 2019

The winners are:

1st Prize Choreography: Leïla Ka (France) with „Pode Ser”

A piece on limits, desires and the difficulty of simultaneously being a member of a community yet always being alone. This piece marries hip hop with music by Franz Schubert.

Jury’s comments: „A radically consistent work with starkly contrasting movements full of tension and precision. Leïla Ka impresses with strong musicality, deploying minimal choreographical components to great effect.”

2nd Prize Choreography: Nina Plantefève-Castryck (Belgium) with „All in One”

Can you become „one” with every facet of your personality? This solo explores how much strength, loneliness and determination this journey would require.

Jury’s comments: „A very complex work which expertly combines lighting, musical and chorographical elements, thrilling with its personal, innovate language of movement.”

3rd Prize Choreography: Shirly Barbie (Israel) with „Do You Love Me”

How are public and private personae connected? How do we project our life, feelings and personality? What is real?

Jury’s comments: „A creation which inspires with its honesty, taking us all along on her personal journey. Shirly Barbie has been created a world rich in imagery, full of subtle, poignant gestures.“

1st Prize Dance: Linda Cordero Rijo (Italy) with „No Room Service, Please”

A woman, alone in a large hotel. She doesn’t want to be disturbed, withdraws into herself. Then, she begins to confront her own insecurities. A piece on inner and outer limits.

Jury’s comments: „Strong, theatrical expression, coupled with a wide range of movement qualities and the ability to effortlessly move between various emotional images.”

2nd Prize Dance: Seth Buckley (Canada) with „Onírico”

One of the most difficult tasks for a dancer on stage is to portray nothingness, stillness and those inner spaces. „Onírico“ (Spanish for „dream – dreamlike“) experiments with the audience’s imagination.

Jury’s comments: „Seth Buckley has managed to captivatingly and powerfully embody inner stillness with his careful movements.”

3rd Prize Dance: Loretta Pelosi Oliveira (Brazil) with „Dolores”

This solo looks carefully at the essence of femininity and shows that what’s important is tob e true to oneself, yet always willing to change.

Jury’s comments: „A work characterised by a fluent, sensual language of movement, coupled with a strong stage presence.“

The prizes for the categories dance and choreography are worth between € 1,500 and € 3,500 and have been sponsored by the City of Stuttgart and the Ministry for Science, Research and Art, Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The public’s choice from the preliminary rounds was the piece „All in One“ by

Nina Plantefève-Castryck. This won the Public’s First Choice Prize, sponsored by Nicole Weyandt and Michael Deiml.

The Public’s Final Choice Prize, sponsored by Christine Gugel, went to Ildar Tagirov

(Russia) for „Petrushka“.

This year‘s Residence Prize was awarded by Theater Trier, whose ballet director Roberto Scafati was a member of the jury. His choice fell on Beatrice Bodini (Italy) and her piece

„No Room Service, Please“, because „the choreography convinces with an exciting and inspiring dynamic. In her repertoire of movement, the work is very interesting.”

The Eastman Prize Stuttgart was awarded to Nina Plantefève-Castryck for her solo „All in One“.„We were intrigued by her skill, her creativity and style, her ability to keep the perfor- mance interesting from the very start to the very end “, stated the artistic team of the Eastman Company as they explained their choice. The winner is now able to participate in the „Eastman Summer Intensive 2019“, a two-week long workshop run in Antwerp. The prize has been awarded by the Eastman Company, whose artistic director is Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

Tour Preisträger / Winners Tour Brazil 2019



BRAZIL Tour of the Winners 22th Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart


25.4.2019 – Brasília – Teatro do Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil (Movimento Internacional de Dança) –


27.4.2019 – Salvador – Teatro Vila Velha ( Festival Internacional Viva Dança ) –


29.4.2019 – Natal – Teatro Diz Huit Rosado (Encontro de Dança Contemporânea) –

01.5.2019 – Curitiba -Teatro Guaira“ Guairinha“ (Mostra Paranaense de Dança) –

Apoio Financeiro



Apoio Artistico



2. Prêmio Dança & Prêmio do público da final – 2018

„ Le Somnambule “

Coreografia & dança: Kévin Coquelard – (França)

3. Prêmio coreografia & Prêmio de residência & 3. Prêmio dança – 2018

Coreografia: Roberta Ferrara (Itália)

Dança: Tonia Laterza – (Itália)

2. Prêmio coreografia & Prêmio Vídeo – 2018

„ Blank spots “

Coreografia & Dança: Lukas Karvelis – (Lituânia)

 1. Prêmio Dança & Prêmio Eastman Stuttgart – 2018

„In dieser Frau “

Dança: Francesca Bedin – (Itália)

Coreografia: Giulia Menti (Italia)

Prêmio vídeo – 2014
„ Maa Labyrinthe “
Coreografia & Dança: Jain Souleymane Kone (Burkina Faso)



Tour of the Winners 22th Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart 2018

16 & 17.11.2018 – Stuttgart

18.11.2018 – Heidelberg

19.11.2018 – Karlsruhe

21.11.2018 – Augsburg

22.11.2018 – Lindau

23 & 24. 11.2018 – Regensburg

25.11.2018 – Puchheim/München

26.11.2018 – Ulm

1. Preis Choreografie
„The Beauty of it“
Choreografie und Tanz: Angel Duran Muntada (Spanien)

3. Preis Choreografie & Residence Prize & 3. Preis Tanz
Choreografie: Roberta Ferrara (Italien)
Tanz: Tonia Larteza (Italia)

2. Preis Choreografie & Videodance Prize
„Blank spots“
Choreografie: Lukas Karvelis (Litauen)
Tanz: Matias Rocha Moura (Portugal)

1. Preis Tanz & Eastman Prize Stuttgart
Francesca Bedin (Italien) mit „In dieser Frau“ Choreografie von
Giulia Menti (Italien)

2. Preis Tanz & Public’s Final Choice Prize
„Le Somnambule“
Choreografie & Tanz: Kévin Coquelard (Frankreich)

Tanzbegegnungen – ein inklusives Tanzfestival Vom 4.4 – 7.4.2019 im Kulturzentrum Tempel und Jubez

TANZ KARLSRUHE und SoloConnection präsentiert:

TANZ KARLSRUHE veranstaltet erstmalig in Kooperation mit SoloConnection ein deutsch/brasilianisches inklusives Tanzfestival, angeregt von und im Austausch mit Jorge Schneider, dem Leiter des „Encontro Para-Dancar“ von der Organisation ABABTG. Es geht darum einen Rahmen für Begegnungen zu schaffen um aktuelle Diskurse zum Thema Diversity und Inklusion in Kunst und Gesellschaft aufzuzeigen. Die Inklusion im Tanz hat in den letzten Jahren in der internationalen Tanzszene an Schwung gewonnen und bereits eine kleine aber professionelle inklusive Tanzszene hervorgebracht.

Hier können Sie das Programm herunterladen (Download)

Programm 23. Internationale Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart


 Donnerstag 14.03.19

Es ist meine Vulva (Premiere)

  • Choreography: Lia Rives (Frankreich)
  • Performance: Matéo Lagiére (Frankreich)

Solo für zwei Ohren

 No Room Service, Please

Onirico (Premiere)

Pode ser

  • Choreography & Performance: Leïla Ka (Frankreich)


Freitag 15.03.19


Gannadi (Pemiere)

SIRI (Premiere)

A qui le tour?

Empeiría (Premiere)

Do You Love Me (Premiere)

 Samstag 16.03.19

Dolores (Premiere)

Samael (Premiere)

A Strainghforward Decision

  • Choreography & Performance: Anna Long (USA)

All in One (Premiere)

Me inside of Me –“I am Mongolian” (Premiere)

Sulla mia pelle (On my skin) – (Premiere)

The Brazil/Israel ProjectFeaturing works by Ella Rothschild, Ofir Yudilevitch and Orly Portal

The Brazil/Israel Project

Featuring works by Ella Rothschild, Ofir Yudilevitch and Orly Portal

A partnership of SoloConnection (Germany), the Suzanne Dellal Centre (Israel) and Bönisch productions (Brazil) in cooperation with ABABTG and Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Stuttgart

Curator: Marcelo Santos

Production in Brasil: Simone Bönisch Olsen & Jorge Schneider

Production in Germany: Tamara Weinzierl

Artistic management of the group: Eliane Fetzer, Paula Amazonas, Diana Fontes


25.11.18 – Kulturzentrum Tempel – TanzKarlsruhe – 20:00 Uhr

27 & 28.11.2018 – Theater an der Uni – Regensburger TanzTage – 20:00 Uhr


03.09. – 26.9.18 – Work in progress in Curitiba-Natal- Porto Alegre



Show with Entre Nós Coletivo de Criação in Natal – Rio Grande do Norte




Show with Cia Municipal de Dança- Porto Alegre – Rio grande do Sul


Show in Israel Suzanne Dellal Centre – Tel Aviv – Israel