The Brazil/Israel ProjectFeaturing works by Ella Rothschild, Ofir Yudilevitch and Orly Portal

The Brazil/Israel Project Featuring works by Ella Rothschild, Eyal Dadon, and Orly Portal A partnership of SoloConnection (Germany), the Suzanne Dellal Centre (Israel) and Bönisch productions (Brazil) in cooperation with ABABTG and Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Stuttgart Curator: Marcelo...

Winners 22th International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival Stuttgart 2018

22th Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart   The winners 2018   1. Preis Choreografie: Angel Duran Muntada (Spanien) mit "The Beauty of it" 2. Preis Choreografie & Videodance Prize: Lukas Karvelis (Litauen) mit "Blank spots" 3. Preis Choreografie & Residence Prize: Roberta Ferrara (Italien)...

22. Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart

22. Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart findet vom 15.03.2018 bis 18.03.2018 statt Presse Meldung PROGRAMM 2018